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Home Studio Tech Specs

Booth: Double wall, pro foam & carpet insulated.

Mic: Focusrite CM25 Condenser mic, low noise cable, Scarlett 2i2 interface & HP60 cans.

Mixing Cans:  Prosound professional Non bleed.

Studio Monitors: Cambridge Sound Studio

DAW: CUBASE 8 - REAPER 5.1/x64

SFX: Extensive library for the creation of dramatised immersive audio books & radio broadcast standard productions.

MUSIC: production of copyright free mood music using live digital instrument samples.

File delivery: Hightail - Dropbox - Gdrive.

(NB: Physical medium delivery by hard mail will incur a delivery fee)


Non commercial:

i.e. private/public companies-universities for internal or online broadcast

£150 per hour of recording.

(e.g. 100 word VO 00to05m dry, voice only, inclusive of cleanup, butt cuts & delivery.)

Charitable organisations:

Discounted to £100 per hour recording as above.


(Narration, announcing, links, stings, Replacement ADR etc.)

Fee negotiated under current standard Equity Actors Union agreements.

Commercial Industry VO or physical:

 Please contact my commercial agent

IAG Commecials Division Link

59 Banner Street

London EC1Y 8PX

Tel: 020 7502 4670


Email: eleanor@identityagencygroup.com

Voiceover samples recorded at

Sugarpod Productions

& my home studio.

 Due to my many years as a professional actor and my training in the Sanford Meisner acting technique under it’s core tenet “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances”, I am known for my ability to imbue my narrator, audio book, gaming, corporate or commercial vocal characterisations with genuine emotion & empathy. I have a home studio and deliver no fuss edited clean floor .wav, .mp3 or.raw studio quality files quickly and ontime.

  I am based in Haringey North London, a 20 minute tube journey from London’s West End & I am happy to drive to a studio up to a 3 hour journey if fuel expenses are provided.

Music Production

I produce my own copyright free incidental, atmos music etc using the same unique production methods used on my song demo created with digitalised samples from real musicians for my dramatised audio book & video production work.

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Voiceover Network Member

EVENT VIDEO VOICE OVER For The Savage Partnership Producer: Matt Savage VOICE REEL MONTAGE
AUDIO BOOK - HORROR - Welsh Accent (Self edit)

~ Testimonials ~

“I appreciate the clear pricing model, it makes things so much easier!”. “happy with everything on our first submission! If only every job was like this one!”

Lewis Williams - Studio Manager Bomper Studio

CGI GAME VO For Realtime CGI & Voice tryout Captain Bix - Game Trailer CORPORATE VIDEO VOICE OVER For Cardiff Met University Producer: Bomper Studios